August Blog Post – Choices

The choices that we make in our everyday life, truly shows who we really are.  It shows our character, our personality, and our choices result in actions, made by us, for everyone to see.  In the world of web design, there are an uncountable number of choices that you have in the design and maintaining of a website.  From the colors, to the shapes and pictures, the fonts for the header to the fonts in the content of the site.  In with our choice, is how we can improve as we go along.  We choose what to put into a website.  Our vision of what that site can do, what it will look like, and how many pages the site is going to be is all in our choosing.    html

Along with choices in website design and development is our ability to choose what we want to do within ourselves.  Just like in the orientation of our online class, it takes us into the world to view our passions, strengths, weaknesses, and different options that we have available to us right here that we  might be interested in.  Again, when we have an option it then puts us in a position to make a choice of what we want and can do at that time and place.

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