What about this course most excites you?

Websites are something that I have found very interesting.   I loved to just go through the internet and see the different kinds of website there were and the different things they could do.  I ended up purchasing a template just so I could see what made up a website.  After playing around, using the trial and error rout, I learned how to change things, add links, ETC…   I look at the development of websites and the background of them as an exciting adventure.  You can take nothing, ad some words “html” a little of this “graphic’s” and a little of that “Pictures” and you can make something that you can see, use, communicate with, and that can virtually work for you, and it all came from a blank white screen.

This course is going to teach me the things that I want to learn.  The things that I have been surfing through the internet and trying to figure out will be taught to me in a way that I will be able to take and use from this moment on.   I have lived my life working for and with my father in a construction company.   I enjoyed it and still do cause you can see what you have accomplished at the end of the day.  It is self gratifying, cause it is seen right there before you.    Websites are the same way.  Just like construction, you wont build an entire house in one day, you wont design and build a website in one day.

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