Taking Stock

  • What are your web design goals?  To become a professional web designer?  To make personal websites only?

I would have to say that my goal is to become a Professional web developer.   I love to design, to make things come to life and to be able to see it in a design on a page, but I truly want to learn the back end of developing a interactive website.

  • Which aspects of web design interest you the most?

I love working with Flash.  This idea of being able to tell a story or to make the page come to life is something that I find very interesting.  There is also (X)HTML and java that also does this in web pages.  I am very interested to see how to make certain images and content come alive on a page by what script you can use.

  • What current skills do you have that will be useful in creating web pages?

To be honest, not a whole lot.  I have some experience in flash development, and people say that I have a good eye for design, colors, fonts, and overall functionality of what site I have done.  But I have only done things by trial and error.  I do not KNOW how to do this from scratch.

  • Which skills will you need to brush up on?

The only skills that I have, is in flash.  There is a lot things that I know when it comes to flash and the actions for animation.  However there is an entire world of information that I can learn to be able to do more with what I have already done.

  • Which hardware and software tools do you already have for web design?

I already have a intel Quad-core processor with 8 gigs ram and 750 gig hard drive.   I run a NVIDIA GeForce graphics card with 1 gig dedicated video memory with duel 22″ LCD monitors, I have both a digital camera and scanner, as well as a second computer (Laptop)

As for software I already have the Adobe CS4 web Premium that includes 11 of Adobe’s top programing software.  As well as a great FTP software FileZilla

  • Which tools do you need to buy?  Which tools would you like to buy eventually?

According to this book I am where I need to be with the Hardware side, as well as the Software side of things.  I would like to eventually buy sound and video editing software.

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