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Home page design is the make it or break it point of what you are trying to convey to your visitors.  As a part of our curriculum, we are asked to take the “5 second test” on a home page to determine what we notice, if it attracts us to stay, what the page is even about, and what the company/person is trying to convey or sell.

My friend Becky and I took the “5 second test” on the Grandison at Maney Park in Oklahoma city.

The Grandison at Maney Park

During the test we concluded that they are a Bed and breakfast in Oklahoma city, the first thing that we noticed was the woodwork in the picture at the bottom right of the page.  We did notice the navigation links on the left side, however they we not distinct, you had to stop and read to find out where they go.  Even though we know that they are a Bed and Breakfast, most everything that we saw had to do with the history of the inn and not what they sell or provide.

“Second” I was asked to visit 2 successful websites and explain why I feel that they are successful in what they do and want to present.

The first is PAII (Professional Association of Innkeepers International) and the second is Acorn Internet Servicessnap_20PAII Website

Both of these when searching for them in the search engines come highly ranked and when you go and view their pages you notice right off that they are clean, organized, colors are precise, and the information that is at hand navigates and directs the visitors to where they want to go for the information they need.

“Third” I was asked to view 2 websites that are Unsuccessful in what they are doing and trying to convey to their customers.

These would be the Red Rooster Caboose Inn in Yukon, Oklahoma and Lost Creek Town in Chandler, Oklahoma.


These website can not be found in the organic sections of the search engines and when you go to view their page you are almost lost in the beginning.  Both are very choppy with no direct form of navigation or direction for their customers to follow.  Colors and or pictures are not appealing and fonts or color of the fonts are blending in with the page background.

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