September: “Setting Goals” to achieve even greater success!!!

To Setting a goal is an idea in and of itself.  When you set a goal you set a line or bar, that you strive to meet.  Goals are a great way to push yourself to go farther in what you are doing as well as keep you on a steady pace through the game of “Life”.

Growing up you always set there and day dream about when you grow up and who you are going to marry, how many children you want, what kind of car you are ggoalsoing to drive, where you are going to live, and of course, “What you are going to BE.”  Ultimately when you are setting there dreaming about those dreams, you are setting goals for your life that you will end up comparing your life to when you do get to that point.  However, what we don’t look at is the goals that we set as we go along striving to reach those dreams.  The goals of just getting a passing grade on a paper that is due in school,  sweating through the nerves to ask that girl out that you have waited all year for, getting that first job to start saving for that car to take that girl out in.  From there you go on to the dreaming together of that new home that you are going to have together, and the children that you both want, and the “Goals” start all over again.

We learn even from the children stories, “Tortes and the Hair”, that slow and steady wins the race.  In just about everything that we do in life takes some amount of steps to accomplish what we want.  When we accomplish it, we accomplish our goal.  As we are taking the steps to get there, we are accomplishing the smaller goals that strive to get us there in the end.  A Goal is that Gold Star, the Winning Touchdown, that first kiss, or that Promotion that was once out of reach, yet you pushed yourself through a steady course to make it to the top.

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