Take Charge: Discovering if you have what it takes…

You know, with me, it is fun to be me.  Growing up I was one of those that would be playing a video game and then the game system would stop working and I would have more fun taking the game system apart and getting to see what all was used to make everything work.  I found that exciting.  I have found in my life that if you dont like what you are doing and are not interested in it, then you are more then likely not going to succeed in what you are doing.  So with this “Take Charge” assignment, we are sent out to explore the great world of web design and what make us “Thrive.”

I am 27 years old and for the most part I have been here to watch most of the internet evolve into what it is today.  I can remember the first computer that we got as a family, it was on my 9th birthday back in 1991 and it had a 1 megabyte hard drive and the monitor was 11 inches with black and green color.  We used the 5 1/4  floppy drives for transferring information.  We had one game on that computer and it was “ZZT”  zzt_012and all I can remember is wondering how that game worked.  When I was 13, I worked the whole summer just to save the money to get a new computer.  When I did I started exploring the “BBs” or bulletin boards via modem when you could call someones computer and log into their computer and share files.  I then connected to the internet and my ideas and fascination grew wild.  The idea of chat rooms, and where the different websites would go, what information I could find, the curiosity has just kept me going.

bbs1To be honest, my passion is the graphic art and the design of the sites that people can see and what draws them into the site and makes them want to see what you have to say.  My art is my websites, the way that they look and flow, it is a way of expressing what I love to do while creating the digital art.  We were sent out  today to see what the web would take us.  Well I ended up at a GREAT tutorial website for Photoshop.   Planet Photoshop is a awesome website that can show you the tricks of the trade, from the simple basic things to the great things like the fonts and graphics for Ice Age 2 and the new Harry Potter.  Corey Barker is the illustrator and instructor in the tutorials and is amazing.  Everything is shown step by step in short videos for you to learn.

adobeI love to do graphic design and designing the websites,but, on the other hand, I love the mystery of how the websites work and know how to do what they do.  As you might have seen in my portfolio, I have done some websites and most of them are in Flash.  I love when I can make my art “Move”  I found myself looking into some more information from both Adobe as well as Swish, which are 2 flash programs that I use often.  But I still don’t know how websites work, that is why I am here to learn.  I have found out very quickly that I have much to learn when it comes to website design.  From mastering XHTML, to fine tuning CSS and going on to CSS2, Incorporating XML and Java, to be able to run PHP and design database driven websites.  The list just keeps going.  I do not think that I can find a swishmaxbetter career then to design and develop websites cause it will give the self gratification of being able to design a website masterpiece of graphic art as well as a constant feed of striving to learn more to be able to incorporate the new computer languages in to my site and feed my thirst for the knowledge of how things work.

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