October Blog Post – Accountability

In the world of web design and development you will find accountability all over.  From the time that you first open your doors or services for business to the time that you produce that next site for your client, you will be held accountable for what you say that you can do or offer.  According to WordNetWeb.princton.edu, the definition is (n) accountability, answerability, answerableness (responsibility to someone or for some activity).  In everything that we do in web design we are held at our word for the services that we offer.  From the time that we say, “We can do it” to the time that we say that you website will be finished and live in X amount of days, our clients depend and hold us to our word.accountability

Accountability also runs hand in hand with Responsibility and Honor.  You are now held responsible for the decisions that you have made and for the maintaining of the site for any additional editing to the site.   All in all you want to be honorable to your clients for what you say that you are going to do,  be responsible for it and make sure that everything is done correctly, and be accountable for the good or bad that comes along with the service.  Being accountable is a 2 way street, it is a pat on the back for a great job, or someone to point a finger at when something is not right.

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