AJAX: Making it simple to understand…

Throughout this course I have been very intrigued with the information and the possibilities that you can do with JavaScript and AJAX.   When I first started looking at websites I always liked the way that they looked and the design of the site.  I would “grade” a site based on its appearance.  Now I stop and look at sites and how they work.  To see what script they are using, are they using flash, Java or is it dated with basic HTML.  I am finding that AJAX is a GREAT thing and I am looking all the time for different things that you can do with AJAX.  I have found a great site that has endless possibilities and information of all kinds of AJAX tools.

This site helps you understand AJAX in its simplest form.  They can answer just about any question that you have.

One of my favorite ideas that they have shown me is actually a jQuery plugin.  You can find it here:  http://www.wizzud.com/jqDock/

This takes a set of images/links and magnifies them as you roll over them.  Much like you would find on a MAC computer menu bar.  I always like to find things to do with Websites that are out of the ordinary.  Something that you don’t see everyday yet do not hinder the overall look and functionality of the site itself.

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