Customer service and what it means to Web Design

I feel that web design is all about “customer service.”  If you think about it, you are serving your client by providing a service by designing a website for their company.  During the process of designing and developing the site, you are in communication with them for ideas of how they want their site to best portray their business.  At the same time, since you know what options and ideas that can be added to the site, as your service you illustrate and educate them with different ideas that can be done and ways that the site can service their clients.

Now, ultimately, any website that is put on the Internet is there for a reason, that reason service people with information.  People in general is your customer, and with every website that you design and deliver to the Internet, you are providing a service to each and every person that looks at that site.  From how it looks via the layout and colors that you choose to use, to the functionality and reliability of the site, to the flow and how easy it is to navigate the site is what brings customers back time and time again.  So in everything that you do when designing a website, remember that what you provide is not just a service to the owner that has hired you to design the site, but to every potential person that could come across the information that is on that site.

    • Kristen Ashford
    • March 4th, 2010

    Interesting point about everyone being a customer…

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