Anger Management in the Web Designing World

“Anger Management…..hmmmm…..  What is that?  I would have never thought about anger being something that you deal with in web design.”

Ok, now to the real world.  I could start rambling off many things that could and would have the potential to make you or I angry in our day to day schedule as a web designer.  From the client who only wants one thing and nothing else will do, to problems with that one character not right in the code that take you the whole afternoon trying to find.

I have learned through many other areas in life that management is not only controlling the event, (anger) at the time it occurs, but also planning for the inevitable occasion that you know is going to happen.  If you know that there is a possibility that when you are coding a web page, and all of a sudden the program crashes and you loose everything that you have worked on for that day, a part of managing that situation is to take the extra steps to save your page many times while you are working on it.  You take into account what is going to make you angry, and set up the “Air Defense” plan to go into action when you reach that critical moment.

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