CHOICES: How many Choices do you have when it come to Web Design

So lets see here, lets choose where we want to start.  Well as you can see there are choices everywhere you look.  With web design, it is the same as well.

When you are a business owner and you are wanting to have a presence on the web, the first thing you normally are looking for is a great, eye-catching, design.  Then you want functionality, possibly with a shopping cart or reservation system, forms, and other ways for your customers to communicate with you.  Of course in anything that you invest in, you want it to be reliable.  You want to make sure that when you customer goes to you site, they find your site, and that it displays and performs properly.  Does this sound about right??

Well here is where the choices come into play.  Unfortunately enough, finances play a big part when making decisions about your website.  Just like in the diagram to the left, it illustrates 4 choices right there, and that just covers how you are going to start building your site.  Again, even those choices can be narrowed down by the amount of money you can put towards your design.

With all the technology that is out there, from Content Management Systems like: Drupal, PageLime, Light (by Element Fusion), and Javelin (by Back40Design), to having a company design and maintain you site, or even studying and building your own site, they all have their place and their pros and cons.

Have you ever looked at a site that was hard on the eyes?  or what if their content was outdated from 3 years back?  What about when you went to their site and non of their navigation or forms worked?   You might look a little like her  —–>

When it comes to web design and development, the choices you make, effect everyone. They effect the business owner and the potential profit/loss they may receive, and they effect you and I as potential customers.  If we go to a site and from first look, it was designed poorly, and the navigation was hard to use, and it has broken links, and some of the images were not showing up;  I don’t know about you, but I would more than likely leave, resulting in that business owner loosing profits.  This is an example of what will happen when you make the wrong choice when designing you site.

So in ending, Choose wisely, study and investigate the different choices and options that you have.  Go look at other sites that are in the same market as you, then look at the people who designed their site.  Look at things that are going to be beneficial to you and your company, to display what you have to offer along with the personality and charisma that you want to come with your business. Have fun and I hope to be seeing your new designs!

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