TEAMwork, what does it take?

Have you every felt like you were the only one out there in the world with an idea, and had no idea how to make that idea come to life?  It reminds me of this guy here. One of the great things is that when you go to company, in hopes of them to give you a way of bringing your idea to life, they do not just give you to one person and leave it up to them to make your dreams come alive.  They have a team in place to take your idea and present you with all the options that they ALL think of.

I work with a team that is a nation wide development company.  When someone comes to us to do whatever they need done, they are put in contact with the team that is going to accomplish what they need. With me being one of the developers for this company, by the time that I receive the job to build, the client has already worked with and spoken with 7 different people of our team, to make sure that we are doing the best that we can for this client.  Then on top of that, depending on the job, I may be the only one designing for that client or we may bring in 4 or 5 different developers to help in areas that they are strong in to complete the project at hand.

You may be a strong person, in and of yourself, but you would not compare to a team that is working together at any given time.  The more that you surround yourself with people, that can give you ideas that you didn’t think of, to lend a hand when you are stuck or having problem, to step in and take some load off your plate at times, the stronger person that you will become in the long run.  Not to mention the clients that you will blow away with your combined ideas and service that you can provide them.

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